Contracting & Consultancy Specialists in the
Restoration and Conservation of Historic and Listed Buildings

KGJ Limecraft provides a specialist range of consultancy & contracting services for historic buildings and conservation projects including restoration and Conservation management planning and condition and also survey reporting.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients and planning conservation officers to understand the unique purpose for each project. Through a clear consultation process we can bring further value to each assignment and assist and help our clients to meet their project aims.

We have a proven track record in consultancy & contracting to maintain and restore historic and listed buildings to ensure compliance with local authority. We are able to apply cost effective survey techniques, restoration or conservation standards, to establish cost effective solutions to maintain the historic habitat.

We are able to provide the following

Services tick Condition survey of historic and listed buildings
Services tick Specialist surveys and structural investigations of listed buildings and monuments
Services tick Advice on best practice and conservation techniques including local authority applications
Services tick Measured surveys of floor plans, roof plans, detailing and elevations
Services tick Access appraisals of historic buildings
Services tick Contract administration and cost consultancy